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Portfolio Construction

To implement your customized strategy, we select appropriate investments, including equities, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, and insurance products to match your unique goals and requirements.

Depending upon your particular situation, we may also review alternatives such as real estate, managed futures, and other investment vehicles.

Guided by your circumstances, objectives, and comfort level with investment risk, we thoroughly explore and credibly identify the appropriate mix of asset classes for you. All the while, we communicate our strategy with you—ensuring a common understanding and consistent execution, as well as valuable peace of mind for you as an informed participant in the investment process. A hallmark of our portfolio management and construction process, and one of our core operational strengths, is the integration of effective strategies for actively managing the risk that’s inherent to some degree in any investment activity. As financial markets evolve and often become more uncertain, our team continues to expand our expertise by utilizing a wide range of risk management strategies.

At STA Wealth Management we don’t limit our desired outcomes to simply outperforming a specific index and potentially taking excessive portfolio risk.

Instead, our most important target is achieving the returns necessary to meet your specific investment objectives, and every portfolio management step and decision is guided by that personal commitment to you.


This strategy seeks to maximize appreciation without consideration for current income.

Growth with Income

This strategy seeks total return through a combination of capital appreciation as its primary objective and current income as its secondary objective.


This strategy seeks to balance capital appreciation and current income.

Income with Growth

This strategy emphasizes current income as its primary objective with capital appreciation as its secondary objective.

Fixed Income

This strategy seeks capital appreciation and may invest in bonds or other stable value securities to achieve this goal.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income makes up an important part of out overal portfolio construction.

The objective of our Fixed Income portion is to achieve capital appreciation and stable income through a portfolio of fixed income credit securities, which may include corporate bonds (both investment and non-investment grade), municipal bonds, agency bonds, convertible bonds, treasuries and foreign bonds.

Core Strategy

Our core strategy portion seeks to capitalize on long-term macro-trends, deep value strategies and non-correlated asset classes aimed at developing low volatility returns.

The primary asset classes include domestic equities, international and emerging equities, long-term commodity exposure (such as metals and agriculture), managed futures and currencies. The use of non-traditional asset classes provides low correlation performance opportunities. The use of alternative investments or private placements may be used as part of the core strategy. Adding this component is not done on a discretionary basis and is subject to accreditation and/or qualification certification.

Tactical Strategy

Market cycles create situations which, we believe, can be short-term, mis-priced (either upside or downside) opportunities.

This represents the most “dynamic” strategy in the portfolio. We handle risk management in the Tactical Strategy portion of the portfolio by selling the positions to reduce risk or exposure in the portfolio.


Cash management is an essential function of portfolio management.

When our investment team believes that the risk outweighs the possible returns, cash may be raised to reduce risk of volatility. Cash may include money market and/or other cash equivalents.

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