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13 Cringeworthy Statements from Clients

Clients can say the darnedest things. Here are some zingers that had us shaking our heads. One thing that always makes me cringe is when I hear a client say something like, “Do whatever you think is best…I trust you.” That means it is 100% on me and if it goes less than perfectly, it is my fault. I don’t let the client get away with that and I will still go through the options and/or why I think it is the best thing to do, but I want a positive statement like, “Thank you for explaining that and I agree with your recommendation.” — Scott A. Bishop, executive vice president and partner, STA Wealth Management

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5 Reasons to Convert Your Roth to a Traditional IRA

The advantages of Converting Traditional IRA Savings to a Roth IRA are well-known, having been finely honed in the nearly two decades since the Roth was born. In fact, the long-term tax benefits of a Roth IRA seem so obvious that you (assuming you qualify for a Roth) simply would never consider making the switch to a traditional individual retirement account.

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FPA of Silicon Valley
Crystal Ball Gazing: Watch for These Seven Developments and Their Impact on Your Finances

Here’s what we know: The U.S. economy remains in high gear. Unemployment is near all-time lows. Investors are content as the stock market continues its lengthy run-up. Interest rates have nudged higher, as has the U.S. inflation rate. All against the backdrop of a volatile global political climate.

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FPA of Silicon Valley
The Power of Financial Planning, Part Four

Here in the fourth installment of a five-part article series on The Power of Financial Planning, we look at the power of experience in financial planning — what a person stands to gain in working with a financial professional whose track record suggests they’re well-equipped to meet that person’s unique planning needs. In the world of financial planning, where it can be difficult to discern one financial adviser from the next amid a myriad of professional designations, specializations and marketing claims, experience can be a true differentiator.

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Six Tips For Managing Financial Risks In Middle Age

According to a 2016 survey by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, those in Generation X currently have an average household retirement savings of just $69,000. Of course, this data could be concerning: How will this generation effectively move toward a comfortable retirement? Additionally, multiple financial risks can further reduce their retirement options, so it’s important for middle-aged Americans to be aware of them.

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Is Now the Time to Restructure Your Business?

On August 16, the Federal Register published the IRS’s draft regulations to clarify the new law that provides a 20% deduction on pass-through business income. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in December 2017, this law will be in effect for tax years 2018 through 2025.

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