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Savings or loan: which should you turn to when hit with an unexpected expense

If you run into a big expense and are eyeing tapping your savings, make sure you know how the move would affect your finances. While there are benefits to paying cash for a big-ticket item or unexpected expense instead of financing it and paying interest on the borrowed money, doing so may cost you more than you intend.

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NewsRadio 740 KTRH
Poll: For Investors, Real Estate Rules

The stock market is surging to record highs, but Americans prefer real estate as their top choice for long-term investment. That’s according to a new survey, which asked respondents their preferred investment option for money they won’t need for more than 10 ye

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Investment News
How do advisers estimate a client’s longevity?

Estimating how long a client will live is an inherently challenging, yet critical task for financial advisers. Lifespan is at the heart of every financial plan, and a misstep could mean the difference between clients’ financial security and running well short of money in retirement.

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AM740 KTRH NewsRadio
There’s a simple reason why you should wait to retire

You hear retirement planners say you should wait until age 70 to start taking Social Security. The reason for that is simple; money. Elena Sharma at STA Wealth Management says we’re talking an additional eight-percent per year after age 66.

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NewsRadio 740 KTRH
Social Security: The Benefits of Waiting

Elena Sharma at STA Wealth Management says were talking an additional 8% per year after age 66. “Lets say you if your monthly benefit is around $3,000 per month at your full retirement age, if you delay to age 70 you may be able to achieve almost $11,000 more per year at age 70” -Elena Sharma, CFP®, RICP®.

“Sharma says especially if you expect to live into your 80’s your talking about quite a bit more money over the lifetime of the benefits. If you’re still working when you begin taking social security it will be taxed as income.” – Scott Crowder, News Radio 740 KTRH

Elena’s Interview by Scott Crowder of News Radio 740 KTRH


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RIA Intel
How to Talk to Clients About Asset Allocation and Truly Be Understood

Advisors take investment selection strategies for granted. But for some clients this advice can sound like a different language. Advisors may live in a 60/40 world. But clients don’t.  The long-standing hypothetical allocation between stocks and bonds (or some twist on that ratio) is said to bring the proper balance of portfolio risk and reward. Yet what should an advisor do when a client has her own view of risk exposure?

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