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Seven Ways To Ensure Finance Employees Have A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Creating a work-life balance for financial professionals can be difficult to master while still ensuring that customers are taken care of to their satisfaction level. While the stock market may close at a reasonable hour, you may be putting forth extra effort and time into keeping your customers happy — but at what cost? Your personal life may be suffering from your strong dedication to work. Managers, therefore, need to work harder to ensure that their employees are filling the demand at the office, as well as their commitments at home.

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Houston CPA Society “Forum” Newsletter – June 2018

In order to keep your Financial Plan on track, you need to have a sound and disciplined investment plan. That sounds easy and logical, but as Stephen Covey said, “Common sense is not  always common practice”. Keeping your cool can be hard to do when the market goes on one of its periodic roller-coaster rides. It’s useful to have strategies in place that prepare you both financially and psychologically to handle market volatility. Here are 11 ways to help keep yourself from making hasty decisions that could have a long-term impact on your ability to achieve your financial goals.  Please follow this hyperlink to see the full article from the Houston CPA Society June Forum.


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Should Investors Put Their Money Into A Single Stock? 12 Things To Consider

With all signs pointing to a stock market surge, many investors are looking to drop big dollars into single stocks as a way to recover what was lost in previous years. While this could pay off big for many, some consideration needs to be taken before an investment of this magnitude is made.

Investors need to heed the advice of their financial advisors and be prudent as well as judicial in how and where they make these investments. While now may be the time to make a sudden move, it shouldn’t be done in haste.

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Go BankingRates
Disturbing percentage of Americans fear never being able to retire

When you think about retirement, is it something you look forward to? Or do the ugly truths about retirement actually make you feel anxious? It might seem strange that a period of your life that’s supposed to be about doing things on your own terms could create a sense of dread. But a GOBankingRates survey found that many Americans have a variety of fears about retirement.

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Insurance News
Consumers Comfortable Yet Terrified Of Risk

Americans seem more comfortable with market volatility, but recoil at the thought of a downturn that could devastate their retirement savings, a new survey has found. Can these contradictory strands really exist at the same time? “Yes, people can be both,” said Paul Kelash, vice president of Consumers Insights for Allianz, which published the 2018 Market Perceptions Study. “It is 100 percent true, especially for baby boomers that are close to or entering retirement,” said Scott Bishop, executive vice president, financial planning, at STA Wealth Management in Houston.

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Here’s How Gig Workers Can Navigate the New Tax Law

It’s not often that gig workers get a big financial break. But the new tax law could give them and other independent contractors some significant tax savings — which could make up for some of the deductions that have been eliminated. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has the potential to save independent workers on their taxes, as long as workers set themselves up correctly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of gig workers don’t understand the impact the new tax law will have on their business, concludes a survey by the National Association for the Self-Employed.

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