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Early Retirement: Strategies to Make Your Wealth Last
Retiring ahead of schedule may seem like a dream, but it is doable – with the proper planning. Some 9% of workers say they plan to leave their jobs behind before age 60, according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute. That’s some years shy of the normal retirement age – currently 66 or 67, depending on when you were born.

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How to Plan a $1 Million Retirement on a Minimum-Wage Salary

A couple of summers ago the online news brought the wonderful story of a Brattleboro, Vt., janitor and gas-station attendant named Ronald Read, who died in 2014 at age 92, having quietly saved $8 million (here’s how). When the will was finally probated, neighbors learned that the unassuming man driving to the store in his second-hand Yaris had left $6 million to his local library and hospital.

When you’re making minimum wage, the concept of stashing away $1 million (much less way more) for retirement might seem like a pipe dream. After all, the federal minimum-wage rate has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009. Over the course of a 40-hour workweek, a minimum-wage earner is only bringing in $290 – just over $15,000 a year. (For more, see Can a Family Survive on the U.S. Minimum Wage?)

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Planning for Retirement the R.I.T.E. Way
Some Americans spend decades of their lives working and planning to save for retirement. However, when they get close, there is very little discussion on how to plan for retirement income and distributions.

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Financial Advisor IQ
Serving the Entire Family is Where FAs Have Robos Beat

Wealth industry experts say a growing recognition of the value of rigorous tax efficiency across household accounts gives traditional financial advisors a potential advantage over no-frills rivals. This article, the second part of a two-part series, looks at ways advisors use off-the-shelf and purpose-built technology to provide comprehensive advice for entire families. If you are unable to follow the link, please Click Here for a PDF Version.

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Term of The Day: Hurdle Rate

A hurdle rate is the minimum rate of return on a project or investment required by a manager or investor. The hurdle rate denotes appropriate compensation for the level of risk present; riskier projects generally have higher hurdle rates than those that are deemed to be less risky. In hedge funds, the hurdle rate refers to the rate of return that the fund manager must beat before collecting incentive fees.

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Investment News
Can financial advisers save clients from the financial ravages of opioid addiction?

On its own, the request for an extra $5,000 a month wasn’t particularly worrisome. But the financial adviser’s internal alarm bells went off when his longtime clients, a wealthy couple in their late 50s, said they’d need the cash indefinitely.

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