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How Advisors Can Prepare For Bear Markets

Sports pundits claim that the better defense typically wins football games, so how have advisors prepared for the next downturn? The ups and downs only served to reinforce the fact that nearly three-quarters of investors are concerned about a market correction, according to a 2017 survey by Global Atlantic and market research firm Ebiquity.

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Early Retirement: Strategies to Make Your Wealth Last

Retiring ahead of schedule may seem like a dream, but it is doable – with the proper planning. Some 9% of workers say they plan to leave their jobs behind before age 60, according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

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5 Reasons to Convert Your Roth to a Traditional IRA

The advantages of Converting Traditional IRA Savings to a Roth IRA are well-known, having been finely honed in the nearly two decades since the Roth was born. In fact, the long-term tax benefits of a Roth IRA seem so obvious that you (assuming you qualify for a Roth) simply would never consider making the switch to a traditional individual retirement account.

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Are You Taking Too Much Risk With Your Retirement Money?

In the run-up to retirement—and in retirement itself—finance experts are pretty much in agreement: Investors should be dialing back their investment mix to make sure they don’t lose their nest egg if the market takes a dive. But investors aren’t necessarily following directions.

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Go Banking Rates
Survey Reveals the True “American Dream” – It’s Not What You Think

What is the American dream? For some, it might mean living a richer life. After all, when James Truslow Adams coined the term in 1931, he wrote that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone” based on ability and achievement rather than social class. Over the years, though, the American dream has come to mean many things to many people.

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Curious Advisors Probe To Gain Insight From Knowledgeable Clients

Some clients possess expertise in their chosen field or study certain types of investments with rigor. Their background or training may enable them to spot trends, make sense of market conditions or even identify potential buying opportunities based on their familiarity with a particular sector.

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