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Charitable Giving
Charitable giving can play an important role in many estate plans. Philanthropy cannot only give you great personal satisfaction, it can also give you a current income tax deduction, let you avoid capital gains tax, and reduce the amount of taxes your estate may owe when you die.There are many ways to give to charity. Read More
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Claiming Social Security Early
GAO Report Reveals Why People Claim Social Security Benefits Early Why would people choose to claim Social Security retirement benefits at the earliest possible age of 62, rather than waiting until their full retirement age (66 to 67 for anyone born in 1943 or later), when doing so would reduce their monthly benefit by as Read More
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Creating an Estate Plan Around a Prenup
July 11, 2014 9:39 a.m. ET (Reprinted from the Wall Street Journal) The man had inherited his father’s business when he was in his 30s and spent the next few years growing it into a $6 million company. When he later got engaged, he was concerned about keeping this increasingly valuable asset in the event of a Read More
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Supreme Court Ruling: Inherited IRA’s and Bankruptcy
Background Since the enactment of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act in 2005, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) have been protected under federal law if you declare bankruptcy. The exemption was originally capped at $1 million, but has since grown to $1,245,475 (as of April 1, 2013) due to cost-of-living increases. (The million-dollar cap Read More
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Retirement Planning – What’s Your Hurdle Rate
In over 18 years in the financial services industry, I continually see biases and mistakes that people make in their financial planning (or lack of planning). These biases can lead to less than optimal investment decisions (in many cases buying on greed and selling on fear – typically at the worst times). When coupled with Read More
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Should You File Early For Social Security
Per the Nationwide Financial survey released last Wednesday (June 4th), 38% of retirees who claimed Social Security benefits before full retirement age now regret their decision and wish they had waited as it would have resulted in a larger monthly payment that many Baby Boomers need. This is even more important today with both costs Read More
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