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Using Options to Hedge or Enhance Your Stock Portfolio
Many of us have individual stocks in our portfolios.  If you are true to yourself, you have a lot of biases such as familiarity bias (I like the company/products),  loss aversion, confirmation bias (inaccurate validation of our ideas), or recency bias (waiting to sell a stock currently at a loss until it gets back to […]
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STA Weekly Report – Valuation Update Across Equity Markets
INSIDE THIS EDITION: Valuation Update Across Equity MarketsWeekly Technical Comment|Weekly Snapshot of Global Asset Class Performance 401k Plan Manager From a price perspective, equity markets are generally at similar levels as they were a year ago. Back then, we were on the verge of downward pressure on global equities as uncertainty about trade and interest […]
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STA Weekly Report – Will US Consumers Keep the Economy on Track?
INSIDE THIS EDITION: Will US Consumers Keep the Economy on Track? Weekly Snapshot of Global Asset Class Performance Caring for Aging Parents401k Plan Manager These dynamics also have investors wondering whether the US economy is a step closer to the next recession. The answer may largely depend on US consumers, whose spending power makes up […]
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Caring for your Aging Parents
Mom? Dad? We need to talk Later this month I will be hosting a very important episode of the STA Money Hour with author and Journalist Cameron Huddleston.  I have been interviewed by and hosted past STA Money Hour shows with Cameron in the past on “Money Worries”.  This issue is near and dear to me […]
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Top 10 Tax Planning Ideas for 2019
As many of you know, I enjoy providing helpful tips for our newsletter and website.  I was on an AICPA Webinar hosted by Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS and he shared some great tax planning ideas for 2019.  Given that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has some sections that are permanent and some that are temporary, I […]
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STA Weekly Report – Key Investment Themes for the Remainder of 2019
INSIDE THIS EDITION:Key Investment Themes for the Remainder of 2019Bond Yields PlungeWeekly Snapshot of Global Asset Class PerformanceTop 10 Tax Planning Ideas for 2019401k Plan Manager The US is officially in its longest economic expansion in history. In fact, it has now posted 121 consecutive months of growth following the Great Recession, breaking the record […]
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