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STA Wealth Retirement and Financial Planning Checklist
Do you feel that you are ready for retirement?  If so, try this quiz by given by the American College. Of the 1,200 individuals surveyed, 74% FAILED. As you near or enter retirement, we have created this checklist for you, your family and your financial/tax team.  The goal of this checklist is to help you […]
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What is a Family Limited Partnership?
WHAT IS A FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP? A Family Limited Partnership (FLP) is created and governed by state law and is generally governed by state law and generally is comprises two or more family member partners.  FLPs provide an excellent vehicle to centralize the management of assets, protect against creditors, reduce administration expenses of investment and […]
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Trump Tax Reform
  On Wednesday April 26, 2017, President Trump outlined his goals and priorities for major tax reform that could have a significant effect on all businesses and individuals.  This one-page summary highlights the key features of the proposed tax reform which the administration is labeling, “The Biggest Individual and Business Tax Cut in American History.” If you […]
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Houston Pension Reform at Crossroads: How will this Reform Effect Municipal Pensions Like HPOPS for Officers of the HPD?
  Recently the Houston CPA Society presented a panel of three local expects to discuss the City’s proposal to be filed with the Texas Legislature to reign in Houston’s rapidly growing pension obligations.  Given the need to understand the impact on the Houston Police Department (HPD) Officer’s’, Houston Fire Department (HFD) Firefighters’ and Houston Municipal […]
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Using a Charity as Beneficiary of Traditional IRA or Retirement Plan
What is it? Many people name charities as beneficiaries under their Wills.  However, there may be a better choice… Naming a beneficiary for your traditional IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan may be one of the most important financial decisions you ever make. The beneficiary (or beneficiaries) you name will receive the funds remaining in your […]
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Overcoming Life and Financial Obstacles with Matt Patrick
STA Wealth Management hosted an event on January 25, 2017 with Matt Patrick. Discussing how to overcome the struggles of life as well and conquering the mountain of retirement.
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Getting Your Finances Ready for Year-End
On the STA Money Hour, daily at 12pm on 950AM KPRC in Houston, we have talked several times about how to better plan for your future.  Towards year-end, it is a great time to get organized to start next year on the right foot with the right plan!  Below, I have listed some steps that […]
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Checklist for 2016 Year-End Tax Planning
What are appropriate checklists for year-end tax planning? In my experience, tax planners often develop checklists to guide taxpayers toward year-end strategies that might help reduce taxes. Throughout the year, I publish many timely tax related articles (summarized here).  Now that everyone has filed, I wanted to put together a checklist of things that you […]
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Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15th
What is the Medicare open enrollment period? The Medicare open enrollment period is the time during which people with Medicare can make new choices and pick plans that work best for them. Each year, Medicare plans typically change what they cost and cover. In addition, your health-care needs may have changed over the past year. […]
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Life Insurance as Part of your Financial Plan
Since September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month, we wanted to share a few articles that could help you make decisions as to any life insurance you need in your Financial Plan. To start, here is a nice article that presents the Basics of Life Insurance.  This article addresses several of the basics: What are […]
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