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Year-end Tax and Financial Planning Ideas
The end of the year presents a unique opportunity to look at your overall personal financial planning situation.   With factors like the 2018 tax law changes, life changes or just working towards your goals, now is an especially important time to review things.  It is always a good time to see if you are  on-track […]
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November is National Family Caregivers Month
November is National Family Caregivers Month By presidential proclamation, November is National Family Caregivers Month. Each day, parents, children, siblings, and spouses selflessly sacrifice their time and energy to care for family members affected by illness, injury, or disability. Caregiving can exact an emotional, physical, and financial toll. It is important for caregivers to know […]
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Checklist for 2018 Year-End Tax Planning
(Updated for the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017) What are appropriate checklists for year-end tax planning? In our experience, tax planners often develop checklists to guide taxpayers toward year-end strategies that might help reduce taxes. Throughout the year, we publish many timely tax related articles (summarized here).  Now that everyone has filed, we […]
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Changes in Tax Rules for Partnerships and some LLCs
The final regulations were recently published by the Internal Revenue Service that effects businesses taxed as partnerships with less than 100 partners.  The classification of partnerships would include General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Family Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) (taxed as a partnership).  After talking to several of our legal and tax experts, such as […]
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Using Options in Your Financial and Investment Plans
Introduction The trading and tax rules for options are complicated, to say the least. The knowledge needed to truly understand options before starting to trade them or use them as a planning tool are also complicated.  In terms of tax ramifications, the tax consequences of an options transaction depends on many factors, including the investor’s […]
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The “Keys” to Using Safe Deposit Boxes
Have you ever watched bank robbery movies, or better yet, spy movies where secret keys lead to random safe deposit boxes full of cash, bags of coins, precious gems, weapons, damaging pictures, evidence and clues?  You may find yourself asking, “Is this what Safe Deposit Boxes are used for?” Safe deposit boxes at banks have […]
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Upcoming Event: Business Transitioning – Wresting a Deal to Close
Please Email: Amanda at to register for the above event, prior to September 6th or call 713-400-1562 Download a copy of the invitation here Leaving Your Legacy:  Business Succession Planning At STA Wealth, many of our clients are owners of small and closely held businesses.  For those clients, we believe it is very important […]
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Forbes Finance Council Members Announce New Partnerships, Bookkeeping Services and More
Forbes Finance Council members continue to provide innovative financial services and tools to help everyone from startup founders to soon-to-be retirees make smart financial decisions. Not only that, they are also partnering with local nonprofits to give back to their communities and expanding with new locations. Below, we highlight five members and their big news. […]
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What is Asset Allocation and How Do I Integrate it into My Financial Plan?
As a long-time financial planner, I find it very important to make sure that a client’s portfolio is aligned with their overall financial plan.  Many investment advisors or planners try to figure out a client’s portfolio allocation via a questionnaire.  Although some questionnaires are good and some are bad, I feel that the best allocation […]
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Will the Next Bear Market Destroy your Portfolio and Retirement Plan?
Over the last few weeks with continuing market volatility, I have been reading more about those close to Retirement worrying about how the next “Bear Market” will impact or destroy their retirement goals and dreams.  There was even a recent piece from MarketWatch titled “The next bear market in stocks will spark a retirement crisis”.  I […]
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